“The voices, the voices… “


I can’t say this post is just random stuff, because I’m sure (sure, I tell you!) that the voices in my head have some reason behind all this…

My preferred election map (and with the hope of some coat tails):

Will it happen? It’s up to you, so do NOT disappoint me!

Strange things going on with the latest iteration of Opera and Flash. When I run Opera 9.6–native Linux version–and ANY Flash applet or video or whatever loads on a page, Opera “grays out” (dims) and freezes. Sometimes for just a few seconds, sometimes completely. Weird. Especially weird, because when I use Opera 9.6–Windows version, running under WINE–and load the same pages with the same Flash elements, no problem. It’s almost enough to get me to use Firefox. *heh*

Update: The upgrade to Opera 9.61 seems to have knocked this bug on its tail, for the most part.

A nice, warm bowl of oatmeal. Yum. Almost as nice as a nice, warm bowl of cheese grits. *heh*

I know a decent, honorable politician (which also means not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed, but a nice guy). Surprise, surprise. One. He recently said to my wife–some meeting with her teachers’ group–that if Obama won the election, he might just have to leave the country (as well might we all, juuuust ahead of the Obamassiah’s Brownshirt Brigade). I told her the next time she saw him to refer him to this. At least that country has a history of resistance to cultural destruction.

My desk. I just cleaned it off and it’s three (or four) layers deep in STUFF. It’s the sort of instant trasnformation that epics aren’t sung about…

What? Me worry?

Joe is now the most notorious plumber in American politics since the Watergate plumbers. And they weren’t licensed, either. It turns out Joe doesn’t even make 250 grand, and it’s only the 250-thousand-a-year types who’ll be paying more (please, no tittering) under Good King Barack.

Read more from Mark Steyn on Joe the Plumber here.

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