Google Chrome? Yes and No

Not quite Google Chrome. I tried out the still buggy and full of security holes Google Chrome when it came out and thought, “Well, this might be a browser option someday, but it’s not my cuppa right now.” Perri Nelson noted some issues and features, and although I didn’t give it quite as much attention as he did at the time, I agreed that it was pretty good. Lovely Daughter tried it out on her lil XP Home Sony notebook and liked it.

Noodling around, trying to get the taste of McWhatsisname whimping out in “debate” number 3 out of my mouth, I stumbled across Codeweaver’s offering of “a Mac and Linux port of the open source Chromium web browser.” Hmm, thought I, isn’t Chromium from the same code base as Google Chrome? Nope. It is the code base of Google Chrome.

Sooo, downloaded and installed Codeweaver’s free “port” of the Chromium browser. (Codeweaver is a company making money off WINE technology by extensively testing and tweaking a WINE core to ensure compatibility with specific Windows products. It’s a Good Thing.)

Nice. Slick. My memory of Google Chrome running in a Windows XP Pro VM isn’t as pleasant as this browser (apparently the same browser, just a few rough edges smoothed over). Still not ready for prime time for my use, but it looks very, very promising. Some buggy behavior (a graphic artifact–“connecting…” indicating a site loading–showing up over my use of a different browser to write this post is annoying), but I still kinda like it. I’ll be checking back to see what comes of Chromium/Chrome in the future.

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33 Replies to “Google Chrome? Yes and No”

  1. Did you stick around for the whole debate? That is your honest assessment? Well. No matter. GO VOTE. Get everyone else to vote. There are more ACORN indictments. Everyone thinks that’s just fine, because they think they’re catching them all. THERE’S OVER 1.3 MILLION. We need to get 5 million more voters beyond and above the total in each state unless you are prepared to welcome communism. I know you are not, neither am I.

    BTW, what is this new browser? I don’t like messing with them, because they usually change all my other stuff around. I am not as talented as you to repair it. lol. Have a good night!

  2. Rosemary, I listened in from another room whenever I just had to leave… *sigh* Yes, I did think McWhatsisname’s punches were sissy punches. And he never really followed up on any real meaty possibilities. Just think: Obama set himself up for a KILLER blow when he started whining about mean comments about him at MCCain rallies and how McCain should shut those things down. “And how long did you sit in the pews listening to your spiritual mentor spout racism and hatred of America? How long did it take you to get him to stop that? Oh, you didn’t do it at all? That’s what I thought.”

    More along that line and something other than his whimpy Ayers remarks, etc., would have been well warranted, IMO. The “Joe the Plumber” remarks were all good, but still weakly presented.

    I do work for conversion of RW contacts whe I can, and I’ll vote for Palin and MCWhatsisname on Nov 4. I just wish McWhatsisname would do some his own heavy lifting to defeat The Obamassiah…

  3. Brother, I am with you all the way on that! He thinks it’s another senate hearing or something. Have you EVER known him to be this kind to a CONSERVATIVE??? NO! But I want Sarah to get the feel of the WH before she calls it Home. 😉

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