Stop the Presses! Joe Biden Claims to Have Independent Thought!

*heh* One of the highlights of the veep “debate” was Biden trying to play “Me too!” when Palin riffed on McCain’s openess to her independent thinking on some issues. I could swear I heard Mr. Plagiarism claim The Obamassiah valued his counsel for his independent viewpoint, or something along those lines. Was so shocked I neglected writing it down immediately.

While I really, really do wish Palin had dealt directly with a couple of questions, her method of avoiding them was magnificent. “I’m going to talk to the American people”–great line, especially since it came off as authentic.

Didn’t like her “global warming” response, though it beat Joe “I’ll Repeat Whatever I heard Last” Biden’s dumbass certainty.

Did NOT like her softness on Dhimmicrappic reponsibility for Fannie n Freddie.
1. Every. Single. Piece. Of Frannie and Freddie legislation has been Dhimmicrappic policy pushed by Dhimmicrappic legislators (and weakly, if at all, resisted by Repugnican’t legislators) and

2. signed into law by Dhimmicrappic administrations.

3. Almost all the calls for more stringent regulation and oversight of Fannie and Freddie have come from Repugnican’ts and

4. darned near all the roadblock and rhetoric done to stymie more stringent regulation and oversight of Fannie and Freddie have come from Dhimmicraps.

5. The chief beneficiaries of mismanagement and fraud at Fannie and Freddie have been people like Franklin D. Raines (D-Corruption, D.C.) and Jamie Gorelick (also, D-Corruption, D.C.).

6. Top piggies at the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac corruption trough? #1 Dodd, Christopher D $165,400; #2 Obama, Barack D $126,349. Gee, at $31,587.25 per year, in only 4 years of part-time Seante “work” The Obamassiah has nearly overtaken “Piggy” Dodd’s couple of decades plus… And that’s not even counting the fact that he only worked part time at the job for a couple of years before taking virtually ALL time off to run for president.

7. Way, way down on the list? #70 McCain, John R $21,550, averaging not quite $900/year for his Senate years.

Would have been nice if those notes had been in her briefing.

But aside from those three weak points, the rest of her showing tonight was pure gold. Connected. “Say it ain’t so, Joe”–yeh, I was waiting for it.

Biden? I almost went ballistic when the “lawyer” royally screwed up Article I of the Constitution (Article I, Section 3), but then he cheated his way through law school, anyway, didn’t he? What. A. Maroon. Wish Palin had had the assurance to call him on that, but her response was actually better.

I was ticking off factual misstatements by Biden and lost track. Fortunately, I decided to stick around and listen to the talking heads and Fox had Fred Thompson and later Karl Rove to list ’em for me. If Only I’d taken notes. *heh* As usual, Biden was full of it. Oh, and lied through his teeth about his “No coal plants here in America” comment. Just flat out lied.

All-in-all, a good showing from Palin. Joe was sweating and I rather wish we’d had another half hour with him under the lights, since he looked like he was starting to lose it toward the end. Would have been fun to watch him with more Bidenisms than simply the many factual misstatements, the one verifiable, outright bald-faced lie and his “Bosniacs” in reference to the people of Bosnia. (How much do you wanna bet no Mass Media Podpeople will mention the “Bosniacs” reference?)

Update: Ace has Biden’s 14 Lies

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