“America’s future has been intellectually housebroken”

Worth a read. And perhaps a re-read. Over at The Weekly Standard, David Gelernter takes a few hundred words to consider at least a part of the Obama phenomenon in, “Obama in Leftland”.

Members of the CR [Cultural Revolution] generation who had mainstream, establishment educations have been trained like pet poodles to understand where romping is allowed and where it is forbidden. The permissible range of thought on such topics as protected minorities, protected species, protected psychosexual deviations, et al. is clearly spelled out from kindergarten onward. Young teachers in the 1970s proudly acknowledged their political biases: They were the New Left in action, on a long march through the institutions. But many of today’s young teachers-in consequence of the long march’s brilliant success-don’t even realize that they are left-wing ideologues. As far as they know, their ideas are innocuous and mainstream-just like the New York Times!

And that also, by the way, explains a great deal of how such an ignorant guy has advanced so far in the political process: a huge number of Americans are not only blindly illiterate about history in general and American history in specific (“blindy” here = “ignorant of their illiteracy”) but also have huge swaths of knowlege “forbidden” to them by social constructs. The strictures of leftist politically correct “paper training” keeps the puppies of our society eternally dependent on the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind for direction.

God (oops!–there’s that forbidden Person!) Marx forbid that the public should ever hear of “fairness” couched in any terms other than class warfare and taking from people who earn money to give to people who do not! Marx forbid that people should be hired and fired based on their abilities and performance rather than the color of their skin! Marx forbid that America’s history and culture, with its roots in principles of freedom, individual liberty and responsibility, strong families and private property ownership be understood and embraced by the masses, when Government needs your home (Kelo), Government needs your children (prisons for kids–a/k/a “public schools”) to train up as enstupiated sheeple and Government needs your money to give to someone else! Marx forbid that “freedom of speech” mean anything other than freedom for such as Obama and his (IL)legal brownshirts to play their thuggery upon the heads of any who dare speak the truth about The Naked Emperor-Pretender. (The major problem with that allusion is not that folks won’t get the reference but that The Obamassiah is more of a suit of clothes pretending to be a man than a naked man pretending to be clothed, but I’ll allow the strained analogy to stand anyway, because I’d very much like this empty suit to be stripped bare… and reveal that there’s no “there” there.)

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