That Itch on the Back of Your Neck…

…is telling you that the political elite are about to screw up by the numbers. Again.

In my adult lifetime, the “feddle gummint” has made some sizeable screwups, and the Boys n Girls on the Hill seem about to do it again with the WallStreet Bailout. Just a few low points in “feddle gummint” meddlin’ should suffice to articulate a pattern of stupidity we can reasonably expect to apply to current events:

In the 60s, Johnson gave us the inception of the greatest expansion of the government “welfare” plantation with the Great Society programs. That’s worked out well, now hasn’t it? (You’ll excuse the sarcasm.)

Then, toward the end of the next decade, Dhimmi Kahtah gave us BOTH the “Department of Edumacationizing” which has accelerated the slide of public education in this nation into the toilet, AND the government interference in the housing market with low income housing “incentives” that have resulted in the collapse of mortgage banking and the current economic woes. Good going, Dhimmi!

Now, Congress is about to enact a $700billion “welfare for stupid, greedy bankers” bailout of their problems when Congress itself created the environment that led to the stupid, greedy bankers getting caught with their shorts around their ankles.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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