Racist Lefties

The decades-long cynical use of the racism stick by lefties to both promote racial divide and keep blacks on the welfare plantation, strictly for the political gain of the Left, has become more openly strident and destructive as the presidential race has progressed. As more and more lefty politicians *spit* like Kansas’s Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and more and more lefty political cheerleaders in publications like Time (the weekly fiction magazine) and outlets like CNN (and, well, the rest of the Hivemind aparatus) spout the “Only racism can explain an Obama defeat” meme, the blatant racism of the left becomes more and more apparent.

Look, as Dennis Prager points out, the poll that has brought about the recent epidemic of vapors among Hivemind commenters and lefty pols indicates that “a fairly significant percentage of Democrats and independents may not vote for Sen. Barack Obama because of his race.” (Prager also points out that the poll doesn’t actually indicate that, but that, of course, makes no difference to reality-based fantsists any more than the poor design of the poll does).

Hello, dumbasses! IF the poll indicates racism as a factor against The One, then it indicates racism in your own camp! And, of course, the weeping (crocodile tears, no doubt) and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the supposition that only racism can defeat The One is simply an attempt to play the race card to attempt guilting the gullible into voting for The Obamassiah.

Disgusting. Especially since The One is really no more “black” than 80% or more of the rest of America. At most, he’s just another Oreo Marxist playing at racial and social divide to gain personal power.

If all the lefty prepping of the plantation inhabitants for rioting at an Obamassiah loss pays off for them, maybe “white” America should all start prepping for CCW licenses. *sigh* Can anyone say, “Inciting race wars”?

This is definitely uncool, folks.

Add to this the “anything goes” disregard for anything approaching truth at every level–from “astroturfing” amid the Dhimmicrappic Underpants left wingnuts/Daily KOSsacks (remember” “righty-tighty/lefty-loosey”?–left wingnuts are all loosed from reality) all the way to the Obamassiah’s own pronouncements (one among many that include his lying accusations that McCain lies about The One’s record *sigh*), and the political landscape in these DYSunited States is looking a bit grim.

(Oh, there’s much, much more. I have a pretty strong stomach, but every single one of the Obama ads I have seen has shaded from lies that are subtle distortions of the truth to outright, blatant libel. Every. Single. One. Makes even my stomach roil in protest. There is a place in hell–Dante’s eighth circle or ninth? Or dual residency?–for such as this.)

No, dumbass, racist lefties, if Obama goes down in the election, it’ll be because–mirabile dictu!–the electorate turns out to be not quite as stupid and venal as I sincerely believe it to be. I hope I’m wrong, for a change, about the level of stupidity of the American voter. (Now, that’s hope and change for the better!)

UPDATE: Even Cal Thomas is not immune to the racist brainwashing bushwah from the left,

America very much likes the idea of a person of color becoming president, if for no other reason than to serve as partial propitiation for our individual and collective sins against blacks.

If it is true that “America” seeks propitiation for “partial propitiation for our individual and collective sins against blacks” then I am not a part of that America. Period. I have never been a part individually OR collectively of any “sins against blacks” and I repudiate in the strongest erms possible ANY imputation of such wrongdoing against me. Such stupidity is not something I have ever or will ever countenance. Skin color makes no difference to me in my treatment of others, nor has it ever. Yes, I do recognize some very real and specific cultural problems blacks inflict upon themselves, as well as some past wrongs by society in which I did not participate in any way, shape, fashion or form. Neither are my fault or responsibility, and imuting some sense of guilt to me for wrongs perpetrated upon blacks by themselves and others is shameful, wrong and utterly without basis.

And I suspect a lot of other people like me, who have never wron ged a black person because of the color of their skin feel exactly the same way. Stop blaming US for the problems of an entire sector of society.

(BTW, yes, I did have some ancestors who fought for their Constitutional rights. I also had some ancestors who fou ght for the North, as well. Neither were truly fighting to end slavery, and in fact those who fought for the North were simply fighting for a slavery with more “plausible deniability”–and so neither get much credit for the eventual extension of full civil rights to all citizens.)

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14 Replies to “Racist Lefties”

  1. Don’t hold back David, tell us how you really feel. 🙂
    All’s fair in love and war and God knows there is plenty of both, the love part being misplaced ambition, in US elections. The only part of the race card in this election that I find amusing is an account suggesting race was the last thing Obama wanted to deal with in the campaign. Hey Barry, you are the first black man nominated for President in US history, did you expect no one to notice? Were you hoping that all became well on this planet and your lack of experience or far left liberal policies would take center stage with the MSM running defense for ya? So when you lose, let’s have someone else to blame other than yourself, like all the racists that didn’t vote for ya. How pathetic is that?

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