No Pajamas

A “native” informed me when I moved here to Southwest Missouri nine years ago that I’d just moved to “America’s Third World County“. Well, he’s moved away, and I’m still here. Yeh, it’s rural and sometimes a little primitive (no, I’m NOT going to get started on the tech infrastructure, but get out in the piney woods sometime to see what I mean… ), but there is no more beautiful countryside and the people are real.

And I guess that last comment is the reason I fell into this blog. (“Help! I’m bogged in a blog!”) Real people who know their neighbors, who have a strong connection to their community and the land are classic “Red County” flyover folks to the pinko, radical left that have hijacked the Democratic party. Here in America’s Third World County, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Kedwards campaign signs I’ve seen on lawns. Folks here are just too real to easily fall for such blatant phonies. Yeh, you can fool a rural SW Missourian with a phony smile and a glib tongue, just not many of ’em and not often. “Trust but verify” is just a variation of “Show me” 🙂

We’ll see if I have anything to say or of this is just another lame diary. I give it a slight chance of ocassional moderate substance.

Should anyone find this page, here’s some suggested reading:

The Pournelle Political Axes,

Back later, when I’ve (hopefully) figured out how this blog format works… or not.

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