One Democrat At a Time

McCain is so far inside The Obamassiah’s OODA Loop now it’s beginning to get scary for the Dhimmicrap Party elite. Lifelong Dhimms, PUMAs and self-labeled independants are all seeing something different, but a Bethesda p-sych shows one typical response to the McCain Palin pick(among many–and that’s what’s so devastating: many different “typical responses”):

Right now, for me, gender trumps everything else. If Democratic women wait for the perfect woman to come along, we will never elect a woman. I will vote for McCain-Palin. I urge other women to do the same. I promise to be the first person knocking on her door if Roe v. Wade or any other legislation that goes against the rights of women is threatened. But in Governor Palin, I find a woman of integrity, who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. I can work with that. I will work with that.

While I disagree with a one-issue litmus test for political candidates (heck, I’ll admit I came close with my two-issue-based distaste for Juan Mexicain), I find it interesting that Governor Palin’s obvious authenticity in a field of manufactured political personalities is what apparently won over this commenter–and others like her I’ve read.

More, please.

Glad I asked me. Here’s more:

It’s time to build, and build big. As PUMAs let us make it our personal mission to personally recruit 3 people to our cause between now and election day. What is our cause? Taking as many votes away from Obama/Biden as possible. Those two should NOT and must NOT be elected in 2008.

And there’s plenty more at the site linked. More?

Go McCain!! Sarah Palin may be the best choice this year. I wanted, will want, will always want Hillary. Since I am deprived of her, this ticket will get my vote. If it is a political maneuver, I don’t care. At least he wants my vote. Big Donna told me to stay home. Ain’t gonna happen folks…….I’m a McCain voting PUMA.


I am for Palin. I think she is courageous in her convictions. I was for Hillary, but now I am in the thak for McCain/Palin.

And the tin eared attacks on Palin haven’t helped The Obamassiah’s case, either, since his best weapon–the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind in the tank for him, is discrediting itself with abandon:

“Courtney Hazlett over at MSNBC’s “The Scoop” is reporting that thousands of “Us Weekly” subscribers have not only called the magazine to cancel their subscriptions — some reports say up to 10,000 cancellations have occurred — but have also contacted advertisers and expressed their outrage that they are advertising with the celebrity news magazine that would so blatantly try to destroy Governor Palin.

Hazlett is hearing that the editorial board of “Us Weekly” had thought they pegged it right that media pressure and attacks would see Palin pulled from the McCain ticket even before her debut speech. Because the media had so quickly swarmed to destroy her, they thought she was toast before she even had the chance to accept the nomination.”

Oh, Hivemind, please, please don’t throw Sarah into that briar patch! *heh*

And thanks to the folks at for running down the pic of Sarah Palin and the hog. A nice contrast with Urkle on a Bike:

Hmmm… doesn’t The One know he’s contributing excess CO2 because he didn’t check his tire pressure?

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