Lazy and careless is as lazy and careless does…

Or is that “Stupid is as stupid does”?

[Note: originally, “careless” above read the interestingly typo-ed, “carfeless”-careless of me, eh? ;-)]

Which one did their homework and which one just took The Obamassiah’s press release straight to print?

Washington Wire – : Obama Camp Routed Out Illegal Donations from Palestinians

August 5, 2008, 5:13 pm

Obama Camp Routed Out Illegal Donations from Palestinians

Glenn R. Simpson reports on the presidential race.

Obama campaign officials said a trio of Palestinian brothers in the Middle East attempted last year to make $33,000 in illegal donations to the campaign via the internet.

The brothers sought to buy “Obama for President” T-shirts in some 97 attempts, 32 of which were initially successful.

They wrongly identified themselves as American citizens, campaign officials said, and listed their address as “GA”, the abbreviation for Georgia, when in fact they live in a refugee camp in Gaza, a rump city-state between Israel and Egypt that is under the control of Hamas.

The donations came in between Sept. 20 and Dec. 6 and virtually all of the money, about $33,500, was returned by December 6. But the refunds weren’t reported to the Federal Election Commission due to a technical error, campaign officials said.

Washington Wire – : Obama Camp Routed Out Illegal Donations from Palestinians.

But for another view

Arabs deny Obama camp returned illegal donations
Candidate’s staffers insist Gaza brothers refunded, but men say, ‘We did not receive any money back’
Posted: August 06, 2008
10:48 am Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign contends it returned $33,500 in illegal contributions from Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza, but the donors told WND today they have not received any money…

… The Obama camp insisted the remaining $2,500 was refunded Monday and all of the refunds will be reflected soon in an amended report. The campaign said new controls are in place to prevent any similar attempts in the future.

But WND asked two of the brothers – Monir and Hasam Edwan – to respond to the campaign’s claims.

“No, we did not receive any money back from the Obama campaign at any time,” said Monir Edwan.

Shame on the WSJ for simply running with a press release from The One’s Obamabots. Ask questions, guys. Look for sources to verify or refute claims. What? Is the WSj in the tank for The Obamassiah now, too?

h.t. Right Voices

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