Among Likely Voters, Whatsisname/Palin by 10 Points?

That’s apparently what Gallup says, now. (h.t. STACLU)

When the redes are in your favor, though, check your six…


What of the likely Electoral College breakdown in the polls? Subtracting the “tossup” states parameter at Real Clear Politics’s composite of the pollsters’ output yields an eight point spread between The Obamassiah/The Plagiarist Hack and Whatsisname/Palin. Advantage: The Obamassiah/The Plagiarist Hack.

And there are still what? 63 Days til November 5?

A long row to hoe in tall cotton…

[micro-mini update: *argh!* I know election day is November 4th this year, but I keep getting it wrong because “Guy Fawkes Day” is November 5th… seriously, that is the reason. It’s a BIG holiday for me… *heh*]

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16 Replies to “Among Likely Voters, Whatsisname/Palin by 10 Points?”

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  6. Intriguing question, Chris.

    In case of a tie in the electoral college, under the provisions of the 12th Amendment the House would vote to select a new president, but with a twist: each STATE’s members of Congress would have one vote… as a state. Whooo–ee! Can you spell “brouhaha”?

    The Senate would be tasked with selecting the vice president.

    Your guess is as good as any as to how those votes would go.

    It would be inteesting, to say the least, for McCain or Obama to have to campaign in the Senate for their own vice presidential running mate were their opposition to have already succeeded in winning in the House.

    Worst scenario? House deadlocked and Biden selected as VP in the Senate, serves as president until House posts a decision. I simply cannot in any way, shape, fashion or form imagine Blowhard Joe as President of the United States.

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