While TWC Was “Sleeping”…

Well, the Supreme Court’s term this year ended with a bang, didn’t it? Some are unhappy that more well-armed criminals may face opposition from armed citizens as a result of the Supreme Court’s sudden turn toward sanity:

Washington’s mayor, Adrian Fenty, said he is disappointed. “More handguns in the District will mean more gun violence,” he said at a press conference.

Yep. More chance for goblins to meet their just reward at the hands of their erstwhile victims. Typical “keep the subjects defenseless” twaddle.

Have you seen Hulu? It’s not the only site out there doing this sort of thing, but its slick presentation of TV shows and movies it has available for streaming is pretty darned good. The pickings are moderately slim, so far, but I’ve watched a couple of episodes of TV shows I missed (for whatever reason–probably an “I don’t want to watch TV tonight” night–I have lotsa those) and found things to note for later viewing.

Speaking of TV, did the “So You Think You Can Dance” judges make the right decision on which “girl” dancer to kick off this week? My Wonder Woman and I think so. SYTYCD is one of the very, very few TV shows I have been willing to work my schedule around in many years. Discovered it about halfway through its run last year and have eagerly anticipated its return this year. It hasn’t disappointed. Good Stuff, Maynard.

Anyone want to get up in my attic for me today to run cable? It’s only going to be in the mid-80s outside (which means, perhaps, only about as hot as the suburbs of hell up in the attic) and about 2.000% humidity…

Woman gets 12-15 years for enslaving and torturing her maids. Her lawyer’s comment?

“I think it’s very harsh,” Hoffman said after the sentencing. “She has suffered dramatically.”

Yeh, well not as much as she will once she reaches her final reward in hell.

Oh, one more thing I miss in my now quotidian use of Ubuntu: the Windows “Toggle Keys” featurette. I loved having my computer *boop!* at me whenever I inadvertently hit the CAPS LOCK key. The spacings on this new keyboard (as well as the key travel, key height, etc.) have led me to hit the CAPS LOCK key more often in the last week than I have for years. Annoying. I may well resort to the old “pry off the capslock key, stuff high density foam into the cavity and replace the key” trick to make it exceedingly difficult to key in that DOS (OK, and other OS/language) abomination holdover. Yeh, later today after I put my dad’s computer back together (after a DeoxIT treatment and a “new” DVDROM drive installation–BTW, I get nothing for plugging it, but DeoxIT is Very Good Stuff. I probably need to try Stabilant 22 to make a comparison, but DeoxIT should avert some simple hardware errors for my dad for several years).

What to do with all the sandbags?

I’ll take some, thank you very much. Heck, even the “stinky” ones. I don’t care.

The underlying story here is “Dog Bites Man,” normal (government corruption) but where it takes a turn for the “man bites dog” weird is that… a government crook is actually being treated as a crook! Watch out for flying pig poop, folks, cos this is weirdness run amok. Think of it: instead of prosecuting government workers who are doing what they are supposed to for imaginary “crimes,” two government workers who accepted bribes from both legal and illegal immigrants to facilitate theri entry/habitation in the U.S. are actually facing charges!

Has Satan ordered an ice rink constructed in hell or what?

North Caroliona: WTF?!?

And from the “Driving TWC Central Crazy” department: What’s that funny clickin’ noise, anyway? *sigh* Three things have conspired to help me earn my Stupid sign, recently.

1. My turn signal doesn’t always turn off after a right-hand turn (to be fair, I sometimes manage turns–especially right hand turns–in such a way as to not engage the mechanical CLICK OFF , whatever it’s called).
2. Despite the fact that I can still hear the mosquito ringtone, between the tinitis, road noise (I often drive with a window open–just like “2-60 air conditioning”– and a strange “hole” or flat spot I’ve developed somewhere slightly north of 1Khz, I am often unable to hear the clicker.
3. Then, when the sun’s on my instrument cluster, I often cannot see the darned visual indicator, either

So, there I am, driving along with my “clicker” on. *sigh*

Somebody give me a sign, wouldya?

Well, that’s all from the voices in my head today. Why don’t y’all give me some more things to think about, eh?

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