The Great Seal of Obamaland

Even the New York Slimes can smell the effrontery of Mr. I Sure Hope They Don’t See the Changes Coming! This ego trip by one whose deusions of adequacy are becoming legend would be laughable if he weren’t actually a presidential candidate.

What a Maroon!

Oh, forgot a tip o’ the tam to my Wonder Woman who clued me in on this first.

NOTE: TF Stern has some thoughts on this topic that are worth reading.

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7 Replies to “The Great Seal of Obamaland”

  1. Check out Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 33, Sec. 713(F) of the US Code. It appears the Dali Bama is breaking the law with this bit of childish hubris.

  2. Well as a true American I would say that we are in for a down turn in what we believe bigger than 9/11 with Mr Obama. I have looked at what record he has had in congress, it is not what I wouldn’t call trust worthy. Right now he and his commie group will do any damn drity trick to get him in the white house. I am asking the Americans that have flipped out about this guy to stop an wake up for our Country’s at sake. I pray he doesn’t make it not that he is half white and half black. He will not do any good for what USA stands for, he has a hidden agenda that he an his wife have guarded for years. Well the time is right for us to go down and that what he is hoping for! WE need a man that knows how to get the us going again and get rid of the dishonest people in congress. No I am not for McCain either.

  3. Hi me again hey Mr Obama can take his seal an shove it you know where it will do the worse for him an his COMMIE GROUP!! Sorry, PC Not this guy. I can’t believe the people who put their you go buddy Obama! Obama! well if you can open your eyes an see what he is doing and what he will do. Man I have never seen so many people dazzled by this guy. HAR HAR DE HAR !!!!!!
    Looks like Hitler all over again and don’t you dare say he is like J.F.K he is far from it.

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