Tell the Saudis to Drink Their Oil

Found via Hotair (via Pursuing Holiness):

Go Here. Now.

While nuclear energy would make a good near-mid term addendum to our energy needs, we have enough oil in our own back yard to be able to stop paying the Saudi (and other Middle Eastern) thugs for our oil. All we lack is congresscritters who aren’t bought and paid for by those whose real desire is to “Sink America First!”

Also via Hotair:


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19 Replies to “Tell the Saudis to Drink Their Oil”

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  3. Exactly. I don’t anyone who loves animals more than I do. When I kill a cockroach, I feel badly. I make sure it is dead, because I don’t want it to suffer any pain. Do they feel pain? I don’t know, but just in case. So no one can come up in my face. I won’t tell you how many animals I have rescued! DRILL! DRILL! DRILL! Enviro-wackos? GO TO THE PLACE WHERE THERE’S REAL GLOBAL WARMING! Grrr

  4. Yeh, he is, and he’s also evidence that even smart guys can do/say dumb things (recall his recent “climate change” rapprochement w/Pelosi?)

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  9. Gotta agree with you here. I’m all for responsibility and preventing unnecessary harm to wildlife and the environment, but the decision to prevent drilling at home, while punishing those who don’t make enough to commute to work anymore, makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Not to mention that everything I’ve seen indicates the ANWR drilling wouldn’t do even a fraction of the harm the enviroweenies claim.

    Reminds me why I laughed so hard at the scene at the beginning of Armageddon (a forgettable movie, but not without its moments) when Bruce Willis’ character whacks golf balls at Greenpeace from the deck of his oil rig.

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