Vital Signs

Some signs that the electorate is too stupid for the job it has:

Sitcoms. Slick cons making money off shows so stupid they have to have laugh tracks to tell the idiots who watch them when they’re “funny”. And those same idiots can vote.

Nightly “News” programs. People still watch these transparent propaganda things? Yes, they do. In a sane society, those who watch nightly “news” programs from the Mass Media Podpeople’s Hivemind would have their ballots sent straight to the crapper.

Contemporary so-called “music” and other entertainment. Heck, just the fact that the new Indiana Jones movie is blockbuster news (even I, avoiding TV bubblehad “news” like the plague, haven’t been able to escape the blitz) is enough to convince a sane person that our society has gone round the bend.

Congress. That this organ is filled with liars, poltroons, idiots, scumbags and creeps is evidence that the electorate is too stupid or corrupt (or both) to do its job properly.

Examples abound: our society is full to the brim with “people” (maybe they’re just minor podpeople performing the scut work for the Mass Media Podpeople’s Hivemind, who knows?) who are dumber than a bag of hammers… and still get to vote.

We are doomed. Doomed, I say.

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