When memory fails…

…there’s the web.

For some obscure reason (well, obscured from my knowledge), I thought about Tattoo today. No, not body disfiguring by savages or Ricardo Montalban’s one-time sidekick, Tattoo the bugle call. I was rocking along just fine until the third phrase (the first two are virtually the same) of this longest of standard bugle calls eluded my flagging memory, so…

Via google, I hied meself off to the definitive bugle call resource on the web, at the U.S. Army Band’s site. Aha! That’s how that third phrase goes, I realized. Nice that the site includes both an mp3 file and the “sheet music” for download/listening/viewing/printing.

Reason #1,546,432 why I love the web. (Yeh, for those of y’all who read my reason #1,546,328, I’ve found a few more since then :-))

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  3. Good enough reason for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    PS. Maybe the reason you only have 4 (so far) trackbacks is because linkfest is kicking back the pings. In other words, it isn’t accepting any more. I’ve already told Adam, but I just thought I’d spread the news to those who know oh so much more than I! lol. Have a wonderful day, David.

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