Former (I like saying that) President Clinton Flayed for Rare Moment of Truth

Of course, he followed his rare moment of truth with an out and out lie the next day, but give the poor brain-damaged guy some credit will ya?

“The Interview” is all over the web, and even Mass Media Podpeople are following it up (to give as much help to Obama as possible, of course):

“The Denial” is all over the place, as well (again, in order to boost Obama as much as possible–it’s so petty that it adds nothing to the Clinton reputation for lies):

Of course Obama’s been playing the “race card” all along. As has The Hildebeast. Just two separate camps of bigots acting out their racist agendas.

But attacking a mentally disabled guy for speaking the truth (even though he later stupidly denied it–heart-surgery-induced brain damage at work, no doubt) is just not nice.


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