Make War on “The War on Terror”

Seriously, folks, is there a stupider phrase than “War on Terror”? Think about it. What?!?! We’re making “war” on an emotion? “War on TerrorISM” would be pretty easy to live with, but “War on Terror” is just plain stupid.

Make war on “War on Terror” by refusing to use the idiotic phrase. Poke fun at it and at people who use it unthinkingly. Blow them all a big, fat, juicy raspberry.

Just stop the senseless butchering of the English language.

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5 Replies to “Make War on “The War on Terror””

  1. Agreed. In one of my recent posts I called for Mr. Bush to DEFINE the enemy. How are people going to fight unless they know what they’re fighting against and who it is. Political Islam.

  2. Rosemary,

    May I encourage you to take some time reading the “unholy trilogy”–the Koran, the Hadith and the Sirah–critically? “Political Islam” pervades a MINIMUM of 70% of Muslims’ “holy books” and in the case of mention of jihad, over 90% of the references are to violent oppression of “unbelievers” (“Kill the kafir!” and the like).

    Separating “political Islam” from Islam as a whole is simply impossible, unless one were to completely erradicate all influence of Mohamed, The Butcher of Medina. Heck, the Muslim New Year–observed by ALL Muslims–celebrates Mohammed’s glad tidings, “Kill them all,” at what is now Medina–his instructions to kill all the Jewish men, rape and enslave their women and children and loot and pillage all their goods.

    “Political Islam” is the heart and soul of The Religion of Hate and cannot be extirpated without eviscerating the whole of Islam.

    Face it: Islamic terrorists are the ONLY honest Muslims–those who openly and unashamedly follow The Butcher of Medina.

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