Could I Support Juan “Snake” Mexicain?

Jerry Pournelle has outlined a scenario that might allow me to support, however reluctantly and distastefully, a McCain candidacy, even a McCain presidency.

What we need is a good negotiator to get a pact with McCain: what he will promise the conservative movement in exchange for our enthusiastic — and I mean enthusiastic even if we must fake some of the enthusiasm — support.

In particular we want a reiteration of promises already made: strict constructionist judges both on Supreme and lower courts; secure borders before any comprehensive immigration reform; and a bit more enthusiasm for tax cuts.

We can get all that, and it is far better than we will get from any Democrat. We should take it, and get to work.

PS: If we can get Fred Thompson for VP, it will certainly make it easier to generate some zeal.

OK, I won’t say that the very idea of voting for Juan Mexican wouldn’t still nauseate me to the point of spewing, but were the scenario Pournelle outlined above to come to pass, I could still–maybe–vote for the snake. Especially if Thompson were on the ticket. I could still pray for God to to strike Juan Mexican with a debillitating illness (say, something like Nebuchadnezar experienced as noted in Daniel 4:25 Now that would be fitting indeed *heh*) and feel much more comfortable knowing a better man was in the wings to take the reins… Well, a guy could hope, couldn’t he?

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  1. Interesting indeed. For me it would have to be Giuliani on the ticket. I did not care for Thompson. Yes, I know that makes me unpopular, but I must be honest and true to myself.

    McCain…………. Malkin should have never pronounced him dead last June 2007. Looks like McCain has risen and not for our good or well being.

    I would never vote for Hillary, but when I am frustrated I sure can understand why Ann Coulter said she would. Though I have my doubts she could go through with it.

    Thanks for stopping in to visit my humble blog and glad you are still at it! 🙂

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