Respecting Islam

Some people with poor reading and reasoning skills might assume from my previous comments on the subject of Islam that I do not respect Islam or Muslims. Silly. I very much respect Islam and Muslims, just as I would respect a pack of rabid dogs.

(Quick aside: anyone accusing me in comments of Islamophobia or racism will be banned as too stupid for words. Islam is not a “race” [update, for the idiot who missed the point: “Muslim” is not a race either] and a phobia is an irrational fear. Besides, “fear” isn’t the word to describe the feelings that result from a rational examination of Islam. Disgust, disdain, revulsion: those are good words to describe rational reactions to Islam.)

Here’s a YouTube video found at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, that almost captures a completely rational response to Islam. “Almost” because the commenter makes the multi-culti mistake of assuming there are such things as “moderate Muslims” when such a term is a self-contradiction. (Read the damned Koran before you argue against that remark. And yes, I used the word “damned” in its non-profane, theological sense.)

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UPDATE: this, from March 2007:

I’ve been meaning to post about why lying, cheating, stealing and barbarous murders are moral acts to Muslims, but this (moderately long) interview with Bill Warner, the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, at Frontpage Magazine does the job pretty well. Warner doesn’t say it, but the rock bottom takeaway for me is that Islam is crazy. Nutso. Insane. Oh, and evil, too.

Update 2: See this–again, almost right–rant posted by T.F. Stern in February.

30 Replies to “Respecting Islam”

  1. LomaAlta,

    “Moderate Muslims” are a chimera; they do not exist. In order to BE a Muslim, one must submit to the Koran and follow and revere its “prophet”–The Butcher of Medina, Mohammed.

    The simple fact is that Muslims who engage in mass miurder, slavery, female mutilation and the murder of rape victims are well within the norms of the life and teachings of The Butcher of Medina. Muslims who fail to condemn, work to erradicate or even actively support those who genuinely and openly follow the true teachings of Mohammed (he who is the progenitor and prototype of all Islamic terrorism) are just as guilty of being “true Muslims” as the open practitioners of Mohammed’s example themselves.

    There can be no true follower of Mohammed who is unwilling to follow Mohammed’s clear example and lie, cheat, steal, murder, torture and enslave others to further the sick cult of Mohammed.

    “Moderate” Muslims who proclaim a religion of peace and tolerance do so in absolute contradiction to the teachings and life example of Mohammed, and so are not Muslims at all, despite what they say… unless they make such lying assertions in practice of al-taqiyah (“holy” lies) to decieve the dar al harb, in which case, by engaging in deception of those who are not Muslims, they are following the example and teachings of The Liar, Mohammed.

    If a soi dissant “moderate Muslim” is sincere in asserting the peaceful, tolerant nature of Islam, then such a person is living in denial of th facts, is self-decieved.

    There are NO “moderate Muslims”–only liars (to themselves or others) who say they are.

    BTW, the Koran (and Hadith and the Sira–the satanic trilogy of Islam) does talk about things Christians and Jews and other religions would call moral, “spiritual” things, behaviors. It’s just that by at least a two-to-one margin (I’m being exceedingly generous here; it’s really closer to somewhere between three-to-one and four-to-one. Seriously), Islam’s “holy writings” encourage violence, mistreatment of women, lying, cheating and stealing (from the dar al harb, the kafir), mass murder and more. Heck, the Islamic “holy” texts do talk about a Jihad of “inner struggle” as disingenuous (or stupidly ignorant–or both) Islamic apologists tell us. Of course, the “inner struggle” Jihad as opposed to the “violent oppression” Jihad is very much in the minority. By a three to ninety-seven weighting. Yep. Only about 3% of the Muslim “holy” texts deal with the “peaceful inner struggle” type of Jihad. The other 97% is all about the Jihad that’s focused on killing, torturing, enslaving, looting, pillaging and burning kafirs.

    “Religion of peace,” MHWA.

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  3. David, LOL. I do get such a kick from you when I come over. Thank God for those quotation marks, eh? ‘LOL’

    OT: I put my Linkfest up over at…well…you know. So I decided to post a different one for a post I did not use for a linkfest. Am I finally getting it right? And if so, why am I not seeing my other post anywhere? Hmm? Oh well. I guess I’ll just go open up a math book. πŸ˜‰

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