Obama Supporters Fans of Terrorist?

Yep. It’s so.

Check out this YouTube video of a report from the Houston Fox affiliate. Look at the banner flag behind the woman sitting at a desk in an Obama campaign office. Recognize the icon of leftist terrorism?

Nothing was said in the bland Fox affiliate report about an Obama campaign office prominently displaying a fan-banner featuring Che, but it’s there and should be noted: Obama supporters–at least in Houston–are fans of leftist terrorism and Obama doesn’t give a damn.

And neither does the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind.

(Yeh, yeh, I know this is all over the place, although I’ve not read the posts at lgf, Captain’s Quarters and all. I stumbled across this at Chaos Manor, generally the most reliable place I know for solid info/discourse.)

Update: See this Newsbusters article for more information on Maria Isabel, the person who is apparently responsible for the Cuban flag with Che’s face superimposed on it displayed in the Obama campaign ofice in Houston. A real piece of work is Maria Isabel. *heh* Don’t miss the YouTube video linked at the site, either. Woo-hoo! We have a live loon here! Yeh, and the Obama camp is still weenie-ing around about this… tepid “Oh my!”s and such like. *pfui* Weenies.

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3 Replies to “Obama Supporters Fans of Terrorist?”

  1. The media doesn’t seem interested in really calling Obama out on some very important topics. In the blogs we are called racist if we say anything against him, whether it has anything to do with race or not. Trying times.

  2. Debbie,

    That is precisely why I’d prefer The Hildebeast to Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey. He doesn’t have to play the race card while others are ready to play it for him. Leaves him with his hands “clean” while getting him all the benefit of the new bigotry. Heck, if it came to a Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey v. Juan Mexicain matchup, that alone would be a viable reason to vote against Barry Hussein Obama-Winfrey: the race card would likely give him a powerful club to use in getting his “kill America quickly” (he hopes *heh*) agenda.

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