Another “Dog Bites Man” Yawner

You’d think we’d learn our lesson: there is nothing newsworthy in a Dhimmicrappic candidate consorting with terrorists, enemies of the people, criminals, whatnot. No, such behavior is only “newsworthy” if it is committed by a Repugnican’t candidate.

So it is No News At All that the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind is almost completely ignoring the fact that close associates of B. Hussein Obama-Winfrey are still quite proud of their bomb-setting days in the Weather Underground.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I say. It should not be so! Why isn’t this news being trumpeted abroad by the Communist Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind? These terrorists were (are) heros to the Podpeople from the Mothership orbiting Uranus… You’d think they’d want to bring forth that such heroes of the people *cough* are close associates of B. Hussein Obama-Winfrey!

Nope. Not news. It’s such a natural order of events that it’s one big yawner to the Mass Media Podpeople’s Hivemind.

(Oh, for those of y’all who think that it ought to be reported as news news–you know, of importance for the electorate in general to know that B. Hussein Obama-Winfrey is close associates with terrorists–you just need to get a life. That’s not the twisted way the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind works… It’s muuuuuch more twisted than even this twisted presentation of it. “News? What news?” )

h.t., Obama’s Terrorist Friends, STACLU.

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