Change is good?

We have all heard the mantra, “Change is good,” and probably let it pass with a polite nod, all the time knowing that it is simply a verbal plastering over, an attempt to make palatable the truth underlying the lie: “Change is inevitable.”

Let me prove to you that “Change is good” is a lie.

Ask your parents or grandparents (or if you’re old enough, yourself *heh*) whether the physical change from a vital, active healthy 25-year-old body to a vital, active, arthritic, as-healthy-as-can-be-expected 65-year-old body is a good thing.

How about a change from $1.00/gallon gasoline to $3.00/gallon gasoline? For most folks, the change hasn’t been a Good Thing.

How about the change that occurs when a hurricane or tornado sweeps through your home?

What about the change you might experience when a dumbass driver thinks he can make it through a red light and t-bones your car?

Good things? Oh, with effort and with careful thought (and sometimes lots of outside help from friends, family, healthcare providers, etc.), we can make silk purses from sows’ ears, but does that make the change events good?


Think about that the next time you hear B. Hussein Obama-Winfrey or his wife, Michelle “…for the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of America” Obama declaim for change.

What kind of change?

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15 Replies to “Change is good?”

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  2. To be funny, there are a few changes that are good. For instance, changing your dirty underwear (grin), change from a sinner to a believer – you get the point. But, I know what you mean. I pray we will never have to see that ‘change’. For I am an American, born and bred here, and taught to be proud of America from an early age, to Pledge allegiance to the Flag, and, thank GOD, I am an American. In fact, I’ve been proud to be an American my entire life, and that has been a long time! There is no better place to be today than in America, land of the most freedom anyone could want. No wonder so many are stealing across the border to enjoy the luxuries of a free nation!

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