Compy Fun

(Y’all may have noticed I’m mostly avoiding politics/current events for the last few days? Good reasons, among them my disgust with the electorate for being stupid enough to validate the current crop of presidential candidates with their votes.)

Well, it had to happen eventually. The ten-year-old computer (ten years old? Yep) I had running the most stable windows OS in the house finally started developing some… glitches. Yeh, it started out as a Win98 comp, but Win2KPro was soo appealing (for a Windows OS. I had retired WINNT 4.0 off an earlier computer gladly; Win2KPro–WinNT 5.0–proved to be a bird of a different feather) I switched the OSes out fairly early on in the computer’s life.

Anywho, last week, Win2K began complaining the MOBO on which it had happily resided for no few years was not fully ACPI compliant and told me to update the BIOS. OK. Found an updated BIOS and attempted the install. Oops. My German isn’t that good. *heh* Back to the drawing board.

I may just decide to retire the comp… or convert it to Ubuntu or PCBSD. Probably the former for the old guy. I do need to maintain one Win98 computer for my fav music transcription software, but it dowsn’t have to be on that comp.

Or maybe I’ll find another BIOS update elsewhere.

Still, a 10-year-old MOBO (with a slightly newer processor, granted) still doing credible work on things that don’t require much processor-intensive stuff (web, email, word processing, etc.) tickles my tightwad side. It’s not like I don’t have more “modern” comps with other OSes (like the one I’m writing this post with) to handle other tasks.

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