“Super” (disgusting) Tuesday

Well, I’ll cast my vote a little later today in my state’s participation in the “Super” (disgusting) Tuesday event. Don’t worry about my vote; I’ll find some way to cast it for “None of the above”…

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25 Replies to ““Super” (disgusting) Tuesday”

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  2. I’m not sure we had a “none of the above” option. I voted for Romney this go around. It was a spiteful vote against McCain. Not sure what will happen when the real vote comes around. My choice may be McCain, the Democrat, or not vote. I don’t like any of them.

    Newt would be a good choice. He’s made a few weird statements lately, but he has come back and explained them away. I could vote for Newt.

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  9. David,

    One of the LP’er ideas I truly LIKE! NOTA, should be a *required* addition to ALL states’ ballots.

    Debbie, you too had a “write-in” option, or should have. Perhaps your state don’t offer that choice. I’ve lived in several states from “left” coast to “right” coast. All of which I’ve been registered to vote, there was a “write-in” option. Yep, it takes a bit more effort to “write-in” BUT it is worth the time,

    “In the mean time” (an old Dick Tracy” comics phrase), there is the “write-in” option. Perhaps you might even vote for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just for the record, both McCain & Romney are liars — no not in the same class as Bill & Hil — but still liars!

    Re: Huckleberry

    Why would ANY sane person vote for a Baptist preacher? (And I’m thoroughly Baptist, in belief & doctrine.}

    Remember “Jimny Cricket” Carter & 22% interest rates?

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