“One CLICK to rule them all… “

…and in the shadows bind them…

I recently recieved feedback on an email where I’d referred the readers to a page and included download instructions (for a book on intelligence). Part of the instructions were “Right-Click on the link… ” The feedback I recieved? From a Mac user, paraphrased, “Right-click? What’s that?”

Well, obviously that was from a traditional Mac user. Contemporary Intel Macs often come with multi-button/multi-function mice that do not require keyboard-one-button mouse combos to emulate the functionality Windows and Linux users have long enjoyed. Traditional one-button Mac mice were apparently based on the Apple assumption (or perhaps it was solid research into the Mac user base) that MAc users couldn’t handle anything as complex as two-button mice, either because of the extreme mental effort required to manage such a large number (2) or because of poor physical coordination.

Regardless, it seem that in order to attract more users, Apple has had to adopt more and more features from the PC side of the divide (along with th hardware it has been adopting for years until now it simply sells PCs with the Mac OS tacked on), and true multi-function mice are now available for Mac users as well as the rest of the world, which has had them for many years.

Now, that’s “innovation” eh?

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18 Replies to ““One CLICK to rule them all… “”

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  3. We have always had PC’s, but hubby says the next computer he buys will be a MAC. From what he reads and hears, they are SO easy to use. We each have laptops, he has two desktop computers, all either Dell or Hewlett Packard, or Compaq. He’s very technical, but I’m not. I’m not sure I want to take the time to learn a MAC. However, if it’s easier for technically challenged people, then maybe … The laptop I’m using now will have to DIE first before I invest in something new.

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  6. Debbie,


    MAcs are now nothing but really, really pretty Intel PCs running BSD with the Mac OSX GUI. Heck, for less money, can do the same thing, as I noted here. Much less. And Mac-like, indeed, including applying a Mac-like GUI to PCBSD.

    It just won’t be the same Mac “pretty face”. Heck, building something like that and putting a “pretty face” on it might call for some actual creativity, perhaps some woodworking or other skills. (I recently retired my “woodie” PC–plain vanilla beige box PC with mahogany veneer applied, stained and varnished. Much better looking than any Mac I’ve seen and just as functional, until it passed its lifespan of over 10 years. Was still “upgradeable,” and I may yet do so, even though it will require a complete gutting. *heh*)

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  10. LOL when I had to switch to a Mac (marrying a Mac guy will do that to you) I kept my many-button mouse and do to this day, on my MacBook Pro I use a wireless two button mouse with a scroll wheel, never use the touchpad either.

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