Monday, Monday…

Good morning, Monday!

A couple lil thoughts to start your day:

“I certainly regret the disgrace that’s been thrust on me tonight…I certainly have lived, or have tried to live, my life so that I would never become a congressman…and I am just as ashamed of the fact I have failed as you are. And to have the commission presented by a senator is adding insult to injury.” (Will Rogers on being made an “honorary congressman”)

“History has tried hard to teach us that we can’t have good government under politicians. Now, to go and stick one at the very head of the government couldn’t be wise.” (Mark Twain, New York Herald, 8/26/1876)

“This is not the time to elect a president who needs training wheels when it comes to foreign relations.” (Fred Thompson on Huckacon’s need for a couple of days’ ducking and weaving to give his controllers time to come up with foreign policy answers.)

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17 Replies to “Monday, Monday…”

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  4. AND, do you recall that Will Rogers was a “flamin’ a**” dim-o-crap?

    There was a time (3 ago) when I thunk I’d wait fer the Dim primary so I could vote for Barack Winfrey vs. the Hildabeast.

    ALAS, Fred really needs my vote next Sat. Thus, I’ll do the “right” thing & vote conscience over politics. 😉 (Barack will have to fend for himself.)

    IF, when the “primary” season ends, & it’s the Hildabeast vs. the McCainiac, Where the hell is a viable 3rd party candidate for which to vote?

    Hildabeast vs. McCainiac: Which one has LESS character & integrity? It’s kind of a “toss-up” for me on the character/integrity issue.


    I’m at: (well, just answer here) or David knows how to contact me. 😉

    Do I “feel” (a good feminine term, I’ve been told by counselors) strongly ’bout either of them? YA BET I do! (And the thoughts ’bout either ain’t pleasant!)

  5. Re: Will Rogers–even a blind pig, and all that. *heh* (Special circumstances, too: comment during the Depression, Oklahoma Dustbowl, etc. Lotsa Will’s contemporaries were so disillusioned with the circumstances that led to the Depression that they went all the way to the Wobblies before wending their way back to more reasonable positions.) On the comment quoted above, well, when he’s right, he’s right. *heh*

    Twain comment: directed at ALL the politicians *spit* running for anything nowadays, but especially at those in the race for president, which includes every damned one of them, saving possibly Fred, IMO. And yes, I am using “damned” there not as a curse word but as a theological assessment of probabilities (including those applying to Huckacon).

    If it comes to the Hildebeast or McCainiac, I’d rather cast my vote for None of the Above. No way I could hold my nose, swallow my vomit and vote for EITHER… and live with myself afterwards. I’d rather NOT vote at all in the race than vote for either of those evil lying bastards. Besides being evil lying bastards, their positions and policies would be bad, bad, bad for this country. McCain, for one, has only one (weak) good position to commend him. Apart from that, he’s just Hildebeast lite.

    Heck, I’d rather vote for Barak Hussein Obama-Winfrey than EITHER of those creatures (though that’s kinda damning with faint praise, eh?).

  6. NOTA — i.e., ***NONE of the Above***

    Why don’t we have that option on ALL ballots?

    [Perhaps it’s worthy of a constitutional amendment! ;)] Ya think?

    Actually, NOTA is a sound “libertarian” thought — NAH, didn’t say LP’er!

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