New Year’s Wishes

A few New Year’s wishes (and some stinky fishes) to spread around…

For Mass Media Podpeople, I wish for a year in which the Hivemind from the Mothership orbiting Uranus gets a severe head cold and sets you free from its control. *heh*

For Academia Nuthouse Fruitcakes, I wish a year at hard labor. No, NOT deconstructing Western Civilization, you dopes: making small rocks out of big ones. Using your heads for hammers.

For the vast (VAST) majority of politicians *spit*, I wish you far, far better than you deserve: another year of grace allowing you time to repent (instead of the mass necktie party hosted by Dr. Tarr and Mr. Fether that you so richly deserve).

For public school (AKA “prisons for kids”) administrators, remote educrats and their ilk, I wish you a future in a society peopleed by the dummies you are intent on creating. I just hope (a continually diminishing hope) that it doesn’t have to be our society. *sigh*

For Islamic splodydopes everywhere, if you cannot find within you the intelligence of a head of cabbage (and thereby the ability to reject the religion of hate you espouse), I wish you premature explodiation and a quick trip to hell where you can commune with your “prophet” *gag*.

For the American electorate, I wish a falling of scales from eyes made blind by Mass Media Podpeople, Academia Nut Fruitcakes and politicians *spit* and an awakening to the dire peril presented by the ballot box–dire peril and faint hope. *sigh*

Lastly, I wish for all men of good will (that’s a generic “men” for those pseudo feminists out there who don’t understand plain English) a prosperous, healthy and interesting 2008.

At least I’m sure of one wish coming to pass: 2008 will be interesting. (Though that may be more curse than blessing; we shall see, eh? :-))

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