There Seems to Be Only One Presidential Candidate

Only one guy running for president right now can even possibly say things that remind one of truly great presidents of the past.

For example:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I’ve always been a little more laid back than most. I like to say I’m only consumed by very few things, and politics is not one of them. The welfare of my country, and my kids and grandkids, growing up, is one of them.

“If what people really want in their president is a super type A personality, someone who has gotten up every morning and gone to bed every night and been thinking about, for years how they can be president of the United States… someone who can look you straight in the eye and say they’ve enjoyed every minute of campaigning… I ain’t that guy. So I hope I’ve discussed that, or I haven’t talked you out of anything. I honestly want… I can’t imagine a worse set of circumstances than achieving the presidency under false pretenses, especially if you feel the way I do. I’ve gone out of my way to be myself, because I don’t want anybody to think they’re getting something they’re not getting. I’m not consumed by this process, I’m not consumed with the notion of being president. I’m simply saying I’m willing to do what’s necessary to achieve it if I’m in sync with the people. And if the people want me, or somebody like me, I will do what I’ve always done with everything else in my life. I will take it on and do a good job. You’ll have the disadvantage of having someone who probably can’t jump up and click their heels three times, but will tell you the truth. And you’ll know where the president stands at all times.”

Go back and look at what it took to persuade George Washington to become president. If this guy’s for real (and nothing yet indicates he is not–quite unlike all the other candidates out there), this is the quality of person I want in politics.

Need you ask who could say such things?

Hint: It ain’t Billary Obama Winfrey.

It ain’t the Breck Girl.

It ain’t Mr. Plagiarism

And it ain’t The Android from Planet “Say-anything-to-get-elected,” the two crooks pretending to be conservatives, Mr. “I Ain’t the Hero I Claim to Be, but At Least I Hate Free Speech” McCain, or Nutso Paul.

If Fred isn’t tapped to be the conservative presidential candidate, I’ll not move to Canada or any such stupid thing, but I may counsel my children to start learning Polish, to prepare for an exit strategy to what might well turn out to be the last bastion of Western Civilization.


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