Only 3,346 to go…

…to reach 200,000 comments on this blog (not counting, of course, the Haloscan comments “lost” in a failed import in January, 2006).

Why! That’s nearly 1/3 the number of SPAM “comments” Askimet has blocked in the last year!


2 Replies to “Only 3,346 to go…”

  1. “why is spam legal to begin with!”

    It isn’t, but law enforcement only wants to go for the easy kills. That’s why it’s becoming more and more prevalent for LEOs to prey upon common citizens who simply violate nonsensical bureaucratic rules than to go after those who are really causing problems.

    Ramos and Compean.

    Martha Stewart.

    Likely your next door neighbor (unless they are meth producers or other scourges upon humanity).


    Much easier than going after the bad guys. Safer, too. Makes the cops speeding to their coffee breaks feel safer at least.


    A good, rational reason for a resurrgence of vigilantism: law enfarcement is not only mostly useless but detrimental to a sane, ordered society.

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