“And a child shall lead them… “

[Another post from a former (well, I don’t post there much at all any more) blog, also from more than three years ago, struck me as appropriate for Christmas day. For after all, reconciliation, redemption and sanctification is the whole point of Christmas.]

2 Corinthians 5:17

I was in a curmudgeonly mood (as usual *heh*). Saw a (lame brained, pinheaded) celebrity quoted as saying that all he wanted was an “authentic life.” I commented to my daughter that all he needed for that was a total personality transplant, heck! a pre-frontal lobotomy!

Her comment?

He just needs to know Christ.

My lil ray of sunshine. (Grown woman: a “lil ray of sunshine”–she’ll speak to me about that. :-))

In need of a lobotomy to change your life? Choose Christ instead.

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