A Christmas Lullaby

©1999 David W Needham

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Noted at The Christmas Alliance and submitted to The Carnival of Christmas, hosted this year by Cathouse Chat

A little “behind the music” stuff. I wrote this lil piece with a particular children’s choir/children’s handbell choir combo in mind. I can’t find a recording of that, so the recording here is a simple midi file from the harp/voices score I did at the same time as the voices/handbells score (which is notated differently because of handbell “voicing”). The midi file sounds best when using real Roland Soundcanvas patches and almost as good when using the Soundcanvas patches subset included with Windows Muppet Edition (Me), Win2K/XP. Permission to reproduce and use the chart for performance can be obtained by contacting me via email. Otherwise, hands off, OK? 🙂

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