Getting Inside the Mind of a Terrorist

I’ve been tardy making note of one of the best posts off-twc this week. Angel, at Woman Honor Thyself–a sometime contributor here at twc, I might note–had a “slap oneself upside the head” mind-boggler earlier this week with, Doozie of the DaY, on Monday. (Go read it. No, really!)

It seems some *cough* “Palestinian” guy thought he could “terrorize” folks at that “international conference on the Mideast conflict” (yeh, scare quotes. What? You thought there really was such a thing as a real “international conference on the Mideast conflict”? Riiiight… And Hillary Clinton is a sweet lil lady who bakes cookies) by threatening to jump off a building if they didn’t force Israel to release some terrorists and eject former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon from the meeting.

Angel’s response was a bit wordy, but apropos, I think: “GO FOR IT” Hmmm… I’d have thought a simple, “JUMP!” would have done the trick…

Better yet, I’m reminded of what “Dink Chavez”–a character in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six–had to say about getting inside a terrorist’s mind,

“…the best thing about the inside of a terrorist’s mind was a 185-grain 10mm hollow-point bullet entering at high speed.”

Or, as a bumper sticker I saw (just today, as a matter of fact) said, “Marine Sniper: You Can Run, You Just Die Tired.”

Yeh, how to respond to a “terrorist’s threat” to jump off a building if his demands aren’t met? ANgel had three words, but may I suggest three different words, addressed to a different party?

“Take the shot.”

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