Housekeeping Note

Over the next few days, third world county may be up, may be down, may be mixmastered, hashed, folded, spindled and mutilated, but I project it will be back in full flower by Monday, at least. [Sooner, looks like. Still some rough edges as of 11:30a.m. central time on the 13th, but at least the thing loads, now. Again. Was just peachy keen fine last night @11:00, then… reloaded and all was not well. Now better, nearly peachy keen again. Must be the dreadlock wigs and chicken bone rattles at BlueHost support. *heh*]

Thanks for being patient. Just some housekeeping and then calling in the movers. Finally butchering the Fatcow.

[Update: you may notice some screwy category listings on blogposts that were formerly well-*a-hem*-categorized (in my unimpeachable categories *heh*). Don’t know exactly what I’ll do about that. Hate to lose the search ability it gave me–and y’all–but going back to tag each of over 3,300 posts would be a nightmare. Have to see what a reimport of wp-postmeta database might do… Also, user info seems a tad scambled. Oh. Well. It’s still better than when Fat(head)cow (sucks dead bunnies through a straw) screwed up on me transferring twc from one Fat(head)cow (sucks dead bunnies through a straw) account to another in January.]

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  1. Weeeeeelll, I had a post up last night (about 11:00) that praised BlueHost up and down and cited the top notch support personnel, etc., but then… everything went wonky, fer sure.

    Still, BlueHost has been super about being helpful and the site is running… sort of. So, looks like I’ll be happy enough.

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