Dodged a Bullet–twc style

After the Great Ice Storm of ’07 (January of this year) that powered down most of America’s Third World County for much of a month (some places back in the piney woods for much longer), it’s natural that many folks were kinda gun shy when freezing rain was predicted for Sunday afternoon/evening.

Yes, it’s still a bit icy out this a.m., but it’s not too bad. Yes, there are a few without power (had a call from a client out in a part of those “piney woods” call and postpone an appointment this a.m. because of power outage, granting me the time to post this *heh*), but overall, we’ve dodged this particular bullet.

But this is the earliest ice storm in the past decade. Must be “global warming” eh? *heh*


Still, it’s kinda nice to see a real freeze, complete with (LIGHTLY!) ice-draped vegetation. Now, maybe I’ll have a chance to move a couple of lil volunteer walnuts and a lil volunteer elm to better locations. (I’m gonna leave the volunteer maples right where they planted themselves.)

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