“Drink This”–it’s not Kool-Aid®

[Well, I took Angel’s advice (in comments here) and slowed down a bit. Heck, slept in this a.m. *heh* I may even have a post or two in me for this weekend. Later. Oh, and thanks to Nicholas, also in comments on the same post, for the Alice reminder that is obliquely referenced in the post title. 😉]

Several good posts over at Stop the ACLU I ought to have noted earlier in the week:

Huckabee: The ACLU Candidate *sigh* I’ve said for some time that Huckabee’s highest elective post should be dogcatcher or some such.

My Concerns With Romney Have Nothing to Do With His Religion Ditto here. All Romney’s “convictions” are as firmly rooted as Fall leaves, blowing in the wind: he “believes” whatever he thinks will get him elected.

And, Endorsing Fred Thompson My pick. He’s the only sane candidate running who has actually read, understood and embraced the Founders’ view of federalism. His tax plan is wrong (embrace The FairTax, Fred!), but at least he has his head in the right place on the scourge of liberty: the excessive power of the Federal government (or, as I prefer, “feddle-rhymes-with-meddle gummint” :-)).

(Oh, and for those who noticed the category, “SEX!” listed above, well, I had to get your attention somehow, didn’t I? *heh*)

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