Take the fear out of “I’m from the government; I’m here to help”

Just a quick note: do drop by fred08.com for a view of his White Papers on Federalism and Immigration and such. Such a relief that Fred’s not Huckabee “I’m from the government; I’m here to help” Leftard Lite–wants the government in everyone’s refrigerator, etc. or Rudy (Right on One issue only) or Ron Paul (#1: I can’t trust someone who won’t reveal his last name *heh* #2: Birds of a feather–all the 9-11 “truthers” (translation: believers of whacked-out lies) who support him… and his own whacked out views on Iraq). Who else is there? Romney, the “I’m-a-slicker-model-wooden-indian-than-Algore” Stepford Candidate? Hunter, the Establishment Republican’t? *sheesh*

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17 Replies to “Take the fear out of “I’m from the government; I’m here to help””

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  7. Hey, you better watch what you say about Duncan Hunter. Them there’s fightin’ words! Got any pillows? (lol)

    At least he got a fence around San Diego. What exactly has what’s-his-name done? (lol)

  8. I hear you, Rosemary. Sure “Establishment Republican’t” is damning with faint praise, but then, I just can’t gin up any enthusiasm for Hunter after listening to him and reading his positions on his website. But that’s not so bad, is it? *heh* After all, I can’t gin up any more enthusiasm for Tancredo even though he is completely right on border security (though even he doesn’t advocate a “bounty” on illegals and the criminals who employ them *heh*).

    Being sorta OK, sorta right or even bang on on one or two issues doesn’t make a candidate at this time–not for me. Fred is overall closest to the Founders in his views of ANY of the candidates, and that DOES turn my crank. I may be forced to vote (once again) for the lesser of two evils, but at this stage, I don’t intend to play “support the lesser of evils” but the best of candidates.

    Fred is that candidate.

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