Well, as reluctant as I have become to embrace any politician *spit*, I have read Fred Thompson’s positions, examined as much as I have yet had time to examine of his past history (record in the Senate, legal work, etc.) and have tentatively come to the conclusion that of all the men running for the Presidency (including the Hildebeast–who seems to have more testosterone than “her” hormone-driven “husband”), Fred Thompson seems to be closest to my views.

See his position statements–paying very, very careful to his statement about Federalism–and study them. Compare them to his record. The guy just makes sense on more topics than the other guys do, and has a track record that–more than most–bears out his committment to his stated positions.

Sure, I know some like Ann Coulter have gone to seed on his failure to vote for a conviction of Bill Clinton on the impeachment charges (and I’d like to have a heart-to-heart with him on that one, myself), but unlike Ron Paul–the only other person who (surprise!) even approaches my views on a majority of issues but who has a serious and glaring fault in his wrongheadedness on Iraq:cluebat, Ron–we broke it, it’s ours to fix–whose record is also consistent with his stated views. Thompson is 1. electable and 2. not a loon (Paul’s courting of conspiracy theorists and his accusations of deception leading up to the Iraq adventure are pure loony).

Duncan Hunter is far too tainted with Washington D.C. mentality.

Mike Huckabee wants to be the Second Coming of the Messiah (or is that “Southron Baptist Mahdi”? *shudder*)–watch out for his good intentions: “I’m from the government; I’m here to help” are probably the eight most terrifying words in the English language. *sigh* He actually thinks government should substitute for personal responsibility! Yep. From his own mouth and record.

*profound sigh*

Tancredo is a one trick pony. I like the guy and agree with his position, but he really only as one issue. Yes, it’s an important issue. Of paramount importance for the feds. But it’s not the only one, Tom. (Yeh, yeh, I know he has “positions” on other issues, but they’re just pale, imitation positions: all else is completely overshadowed by his one trick.

McCain? Puhlease! I’d not vote for Snake McCain for dogcatcher even were I lobotomized and given a one-choice ballot. I despise the air that creature breathes.

Rudy? Not a chance. His one qualification (Mayor of NYC–did a credible job, didn’t fall to pieces after 9-11) is not nearly enough to balance out the simple fact that he’d be the final stake through whatever shred of principle is left in the Republican’t Party.

Oh, forgot Mitt Romney, the Mormon winup toy. An automaton who can with a clear conscience flip from one position to another saying his former positions are (redundancy alert) “old history” … because he’s a construct, a puppet, a windup toy, and such things simply do not have consciences.

Who’s left? Realistically, Fred. And the more I look at the issues, his record and his position statements, the more comfortable I am with the choice.

And I mean that I’m much more comfortable in seriously considering actually supporting the guy’s run than I was voting for GWB in 04. Seriously. That was a “lesser of two evils” vote. Granted, it was a MUCH lesser of two evils vote. And even with the fact that GWB has utterly lost my respect by lying to me (to all of us) about his amnesty push, signing McCain-Feingold, playing footsie with the Saudis (instead of kicking their asses for their continued support of jihadism and the terrorism it actively encourages) and more, my 04 vote for GWB wasn’t wasted.

After all, at least I don’t have to wake up in the morning to read about “President Jean Fraud sKerry,” now do I?

But I’m growing more fond of the idea of a “President Fred.” Just say that a few times. Wouldn’t that roll trippingly off the tongue in introductions to foreign dignitaries? *heh*

Better than “President Bill” was or “President Hildebeast” *shudder* would be, eh?

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