Pat Paulson Lite

So, Steven Colbert *yawn* is “running for President” (in North–oops!– South Carolina, only, at last word)… and possibly running afoul of “feddle gummint” bureaucraps in the process. *sigh*

“How serious can you get about running as a joke?” said Massie Ritsch, communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics, a non-partisan group that tracks campaign finances. “The Federal Election Commission doesn’t have a great sense of humor.”

Hey! FEC, gettaclue! Colbert’s not even as serious a candidate as Pat Paulson was. Now, him I could see as a serious candidate, given some of the other loons running “seriously”. Too bad he died in 1997. Heck, Paulson’s corpse would be a better candidate than some of today’s current crop of politicians. *spit*

Loved one of Paulson’s campaign slogans (one that almost anyone could use in debating nearly every one of the current crop of presidential candidates):

“I’ve upped my standards. Now, up yours.”

Colbert is, urm, bush league by comparison.

UPDATE: A comment by Barb led me inevitbly to think of this:


(BTW, the Bee Gees are often slammed as musicians by people with little or no real musicality of their own. Or even simple appreciation for music or the ability to recognize the lil things like, oh, pitches *sigh* The numbers of contemporary “artists” who wouldn’t recognize a song if it bit them in the a**, however, are legion. Take rap. Please. *heh*

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19 Replies to “Pat Paulson Lite”

  1. My husband caught him on TV and asked me who he was. I said ‘just a comedian’, and I passed this off as a real joke. But, perhaps it’s going to be a joke on him.

  2. “But, perhaps it’s going to be a joke on him.”

    [Cue Bee Gees]

    “I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
    but I didn’t see that the joke was on me, oh no…”

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