Proof Positive: the Nobel “Peace” Prize is a Fraud of Monstrous Size

[With apologies to Rudyard Kipling for the borrowed appellation.]

Algore–that quintessential liar, poltroon and rabble-rouser–has “won” (read, “has been awarded the thing by a corrupt group of assinine ninnies”) the Nobel “Peace” Prize. Now, he can go off and celebrate his winnings with Yasser “Who, me? A terrorist?” Arafat *gag* (at least he’s rotting in hell) and Dhimmi Cahtah *spew* (“Baptist” or not, I doubt he’ll clear the Pearly Gates).

Birds of a feather.

I think I’m going to go over in a corner while my head explodes.

One bright note: maybe it’ll be just the thing to spur Mr. I-can-be-a-better-wooden-indian-than-the-real-thing to enter the race for the presidency. *heh* Talk about blogfodder.

Hey! Would someone please PROOFread my titles? All day long “proof” was typo-ed “proff”! (Thanks WW :-)) *heh*

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27 Replies to “Proof Positive: the Nobel “Peace” Prize is a Fraud of Monstrous Size”

  1. Wow. As if I needed further proof of (a) the fact that the world has gone crazy, (b) this handbasket has reached terminal velocity, and (c) the nobel prize, once a coveted award that actually meant something, now means nothing.

    Ironic that this happens the day after the British courts called An Inconvenient Truth a convenient fabrication.

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  3. RY,

    I differ with you only on (c). It does too mean something. After having been awarded to Arafat[-redacted], Dhimi Catah and now Algore, it means not nothing but that the Nobel awards committee are all asses of the first water who reward the OPPOSITE of what the prize stands for.

    I am just waiting for posthumous awards to go to Pol Pot, Stalin, Rachel Carson and Hitler for their great achievements in [promoting] world peace. (Yes, I definitely believe Rachel Carson belongs with the other three; in fact, her lies are probably responsible for more mass murder than all the other three combined.)

    In fact, I think the Nobel folks may be onto something, now that I can think more clearly (the RCOB–“Red Curtain of Blood” has abated somewhat and my blood pressure is under control). After all, without lies, rabble-rousing, engineered conflict and such, where would we be today? Why! We’d have no need for a “Peace Prize”! So, by their contributions to world conflict, all the above do qualify for a peace prize, you see?

    It all becomes very clear (now that I am thinking insanely).

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