“Compassion” (MHWA)

Burt Prelutsky’s recent article, “A few thoughts about compassion” includes a quote from one of his readers,

“Like a lot of folks, I have a job that requires I pass a random urine test. That’s not a problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my tax money to people who don’t have to pass a similar test. Why shouldn’t one have to pass a drug test in order to get a welfare check if I have to pass one in order to earn it for them?”

Why not indeed. But the really pernicious aspect of “compassion” expressed with public monies is that it costs the “compassionate” politician or lobby group little or nothing, because they simply use Other People’s Money to express their fake compassion.

Yep. I am saying that if their compassion were real, they’d use their own money and join with other like-minded people who would also use their own money, time, efforts and talents to express genuine compassion, instead of robbing some to pay others in their expression of fake (costs them nothing) “compassion”.

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