Catch-up Day

*whew!* What with one thing and another–beginning with an early morning call dragging me from dreamland to the world of “Hurry up and hurry up some more!”–I missed out on WaPo preemtively caving to fears of Opus offending Moose-limbs, the French (well, at least their president) attempting to grow a set of national balls, and the news that one disasterous choice for U.S. Attorney General may follow another (although how could ANY Attorney General choice top Janet Reno as disasterous? SHe may not have had her introduction to Dr. Tarr and Mr. Fether in this life, but there’s a circle of hell reserved for such as she… ).

Well, I may have missed all that yesterday, but folks who linked in to my last open post didn’t. Thanks, folks, for cluing me in.

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