More Envirowacko B.S.

See my Thursday 13 this week? It began with,

1.) Freon. Betcha dollars to donuts all the brouhaha was just cos Dupont’s patent had run out. Whadda ya wanna bet?


Well, my fav science heretic, James Hogan, has more on the CFC/Ozone scam: Frog Fantasies. A sample:

In the March 1998 issue of The Energy Advocate (, Howard Hayden reports on a big flap that has been going on for some years over a certain species of frog that lives high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, whose population appears to have been declining. Investigators have jumped to attribute this to increased UV radiation due to ozone depletion—although without presenting any actual data of a UV increase, which is assumed unquestioningly to have occurred because the prevailing dogma says so.

Yet after all the arguing over CFC breakdown, chemical reaction pathways, Antarctic “holes,” skin cancer, and so on, the one single fact that would follow if any of the scare stories had any merit, and before any effects could be experienced—a real, measured increase of ultraviolet at the Earth’s surface—has never been observed.

Read the rest at the link. 🙂

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41 Replies to “More Envirowacko B.S.”

  1. It truly is sad how most people keep their senses when it comes to not trusting the government (like we’re supposed to not trust it), but when it comes to those things which are unseen? If we do not believe them, we are the ones that are called stupid.

    It is much more appropriate and easier for me to put my faith in God than it is to believe any politically driven science. That’s what gets me. Don’t they realize what they have going on is a faith? And do they not claim that faith and government should be on opposite sides? (That shows the flaw in their thinking right there, but we know that.) So by their own definion, shouldn’t we ban them? Hmm!

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