Tilting At Windmills?

At Ponder the Maunder (about 3% of folks will pause to go “Huh?” at the title while 0.005% of folks will “get it” immediately; 99% of AGW folks will start foaming at the mouth), a high school student from Portland, Maine, takes on the Anthropogenic Global Warming folks, gives Algore a much-deserved spanking and holds NASA’s James Hanson’s feet to the fire.

A Very Good Read. Highly Recommended.

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36 Replies to “Tilting At Windmills?”

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  2. I like your sense of humor in your post. I also agree with you site’s quote. So let me ask you this. Why is it that my pings never appear here? lol. Have a great day.

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  4. Rosemary,

    Every time I see one of your tb pings in moderation, I approve it (see above). Just waiting for Askimet to get the message and get you on its “approved” list.


    Oh, and yeh, the latest header quote’s a dilly. Of course, the Orwell quote that was up for months was in a similar vein… Hmmm, could I be stuck in a rut have hit on a theme?


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