I love these little Christmas tree ornaments

No, I am not blogging in my pajamas.

I don’t wear any.

Strange thing. (Did I already post about this? Well, too bad if I did. I’m too lazy to go and check.) After all these years, I may have finally found the solution to the problem, Christmas Tree+ Cats=Disaster Waiting to Happen.

I found these neat little Christmas tree decorations at Dollar General. Little mechanical thingies that the cats apparently don’t like and, with the addition of a string of habanero peppers, strung like popcorn or cranberries, have served to keep them away from the tree.

Try it. I think you’ll find that these little Christmas tree decorations (for some strange reason they are called “mouse traps”) really are disliked by felines… Some assembly (and disassembly) required. (Just loosen the spring on one side and paint ’em red or green or gold or whatever.)

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