“Some Cold-Eyed Rationalism”

From a longer post by someone worth listening to:

We need to rethink our anti-terrorist strategies and tactics with some cold-eyed rationalism. What do the measures cost us? Including in national dignity: at the moment the TSA is indistinguishable from an organization whose major purpose is to humiliate the people and make certain Americans understand they are subjects and not citizens. How easily can they be circumvented by intelligent and determined people? What new targets do our security measures create?

It is pretty clear that you can’t stop intelligent and determined people from destroying airplanes if the attacker doesn’t mind being killed. You can prevent the airplanes from being taken over and used as cruise missiles against other targets. We all know how that can be done. Strong cockpit doors, armed pilots, air marshals not dressed in 3-piece suits and short haircuts on randomly selected flights. We all know how that can be done.

We need to assess the real threats and deal with those. When we do, we will find that one of our more powerful weapons is our citizenry. If we really believe in freedom and the republic, we would enlist the citizens in this war on terror. Actually, we clearly don’t believe in any of the ideals we want to export to other nations. Instead, we disarm the citizens, express horror at the notion that people can assist in protecting themselves, and we allow conspirators to set up the citizens and then sue hell out of them. It is as if we are determined to progress from republic to empire.

Be sure to CLICK on over and read the rest. And consider contributing to the ongoing serious discussion about an honorable exit strategy in Iraq. As Pournelle once put it, We broke it; it’s ours [to fix].” There are some seriously interesting comments there from folks who’re more “in the know” than most of us.

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43 Replies to ““Some Cold-Eyed Rationalism””

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  15. The notion that we should continue to reelect a “good politician” should be discarded since the essence of democracy is participation in public office by as many citizens as possible.

    Anyone who has made observations of our political process since 10th grade civics understands that governmental power no longer emanates from the people. I contend that the concentration of wealth in the US results in the concentration of political power. This power is used in various ways to achieve the goals a the wealthy minority. Actual democracy can only come about when a society has seriously committed to economic fairness.

    So then, how do we get control of the present minority controlled undemocratic system; how do we develop a strategy so simple that every one can use while the strategy itself remains immune to constraints by powerful interests?

    The abilities that are required to be a competent legislator are not rare. There is no dearth of talented people who are willing to serve one term in public office and then return to their professions. It is well known that it is the staffs of congressman and senators who actually do the work. The elected officials are needed basically to set policy. It is unimaginable that one-term members of congress can be any more destructive to the democratic
    process and our treasury then the career politicians have proven to be.

    Legislators are unlikely to approve legislation that would limit terms of office. And, if such a law were to pass, the Supreme Court is likely to strike it down. Remember that this is the court that has determined that money is speech thereby ceding political control of the country to the super wealthy.

    Despite the enormous resources leveraged against the public by special interests, there is a remedy for the corruption represented by the duopoly Democrat/Republican party.

    If one believes in participatory democracy, it follows that they must also believe that as many citizens as possible should have the opportunity to serve in public office. The One Term and Out Movement requires no time or resources. There are no financial contributions to be made no meetings to attend no speeches to endure. A citizen need only
    make the following pledge to himself then herald what he has done to others. If you are fed up with pay-to-play government and the duopoly party rule, you can take the pledge.

    The Pledge:

    “With the recognition that there are huge numbers of intelligent, talented and qualified citizens who are prepared to limit their public service to one term, I hereby pledge that I will not vote a second term for any United States Senator or United States Congressman.”

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