Issue #4: Apologists and outright proponents for barbarian savages

N.B. Wow! Friday the Thirteenth actually occurs on a Friday this month!

As those of y’all who read the post that spawned this one know, the original statement of an issue that is “plaguing this ailing republic” was, “Apologists and outright proponents for barbarian savages (AKA, Muslims, Rap “artists” *spit*, Mass Media Podpeople, Academia Nut Fruitcakes, the American Commnunist Licentious Union and politicians of all stripes across a nonexistant “aisle”).”

Now, some of those mentioned are flat out savages, others are barbarians or barbarian wannabes and still others are classes of people (at least I’m still according them the status of human beings, although many are doing more and more to class themselves as savage animals–and yeh, I recognize the tension between those two words). Muslims? Easy. Any class of people who honor, even venerate a savage, brutal mass murderer, rapist, pedophile, slaver and thief such as Mohammed are themselves savage, brutal mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles, slavers and thieves at heart. Indeed, anyone who does not openly and actively and consistently condemn persons who engage in such behavior are enemies of civilization.

And that is why I consider all Mass Media Podpeople, poltiticians *spit*, Academia Nut Fruitcakes and their ilk who not only fail to condemn such savage behavior to be enablers of the savage, brutal mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles, slavers and thieves-at-heart who comprise the world of Islam.

Rap “artists”? I don’t need to label them as savages tearing at the heart of civilization, ripping chunks of its flesh upon which to gorge themselves to the plaudits of idiots. They’ve labeled themselves as such by their proclaimed belief structures and behaviors. (Oh, and I despise anyone who calls these worms “artists” without putting the word in scare quotes to indicate a disagreement with the assessment. These coprophilic crapheads are not the least bit artistic in any way, shape, fashion or form.)

The ACLU… what can I say? At heart, never better than liars, twisting the words of the Constitution and the events of history and misrepresenting current events in order to achieve its end: the destruction of the Republic. Don’t believe me? Then do your own homework. Study its history and read what its founders saaid its aims really were. That its original aims are still the same today can be discerned by the fact that EVERYTHING it does–including the ocassional “good” in order to maintain a veneer of respectability–is still consistent with Roger Baldwin and Crystal Eastman’s initial aim of “…destroy[ing] America’s culture and traditions.”

Yes, I know that brief clip is not a direct statement by Baldwin and/or Eastman, but it is a fair summation of some of their direct statements. And although Baldwin later recanted much of his communist cant, and the organization openly “purged” itself of overt communists, it has never slacked in its push to do exactly that: destroy America’s culture and traditions by means of lying about both our culture and traditions and by twisting the law to its ends.

Now, what do all these savages and barbarian wannabes have in common that allows them such success? Stupid Americans. Indeed, since the NALS (National Adult Literacy Survey) of 1993–and the dumbed-down, highly-“spin-factored” National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL) that has followed–it’s been public knowledge among folk who can read that a majority Americans can’t read well enough to find their way out of a paper bag. Look ’em up yourself; you have a computer and Google. But do NOT just swallow the lies on the front page of the NAAL main site. Dig into the data; read at least a bit of the survey itself (to demonstrate to yourself what idiots there be who could not process the dumbed-down survey questions). Oh, and here’s a link to a section of a John Taylor Gatto book that ‘splains the literacy problem in simple terms.

And here’s a Gatto-point that directly illustrates why and how the savages and barbarian wannabes are winning so many rounds in the fight to destroy America:

Ninety-six and a half percent of the American population is mediocre to illiterate where deciphering print is concerned. This is no commentary on their intelligence, but without ability to take in primary information from print and to interpret it they are at the mercy of commentators who tell them what things mean. A working definition of immaturity might include an excessive need for other people to interpret information for us.

I’d disagree with Gatto only on one point: “This is no commentary on their intelligence… ” Yes, Mr. Gatto, it is. When that many folks allow themselves to be enstupiated, then they have allowed themselves to be made less intelligent. (And yes, I know that is rather redundant. Been reading Psalms and Proverbs recently, as anyone who read the post that spawned this could tell. *heh*)

THAT is a central strategy of the savages and barbarians and barbarian wannabes: and it has a spiraling effect. Keep ’em dumb. Make ’em dumber. Indeed, promote crap “art”, lie to the enstupiated illiterates via their only means of “information”–visual and audio mass media–and roll right on over them.

Keep debasing the citizenry until it is barbarian, savage, illiterate, ever more stupid and cannot discern the differences between civilization and Islam and its ilk, has no national identity, and so embraces its own destruction through open borders, is addicted to bread and circuses, so that the enstupiated masses become nothing but Eloi for the savage Morlocks.

I saw a commercial the other day while flipping through the idiot box searching for something worth watching (a failed endeavor) that emphasizes the descent into stupidity. A commercial encouraging those who have stupidly lived on borrowed money for so long that they can now be convinced that they can borrow their way out of debt! The “hook” of the commercial? “People are smart.” No, only people who are so stupid that they think the only way out of crushing debt is to borrow their way out need to be told they are smart while doing yet another stupid thing. And people who will buy the idea that they are smart to borrow their way out of a crushing debt will buy and eat the SoaS (an infamous sandwich, appropriately named) being pushed by those whose goals are consistent with the utter and complete destruction of our society.

As Pogo so famously said,


(See the original, uncropped, 1971 Earth Day poster here.)

So, what to do?

Teach someone not only HOW to read but TO read. And to read voraciously. Not everyone is suited to doing so. Frankly, folks on the lefthand side of the Bell Curve will do well to learn to read newspapers–and not just the funnies. That would be an improvement, even though America’s newspaper pages are filled with apologias–outright advocacy at times!–for behaviors bent on destroying the Republic. But follow up teaching TO read with active conversation. Much of what’s missing nowadays are the “cracker barrel cabinet” discussions of yore where folks hammer out public policy on the local level in one-on-one dialog with folks they know and trust. Grassroots activism at its best. Our fractured society, ever more enstupiated citizenry and the lack of real dialog that results will be what allows the barbarians we have nurtured in our bosom to destroy us.

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