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For a clear-headed, non-fire-breathing, genuine old-time Reaganesque Conservative take on things, Jerry Pournelle is just about as balanced, fair, insightful and clear as any reasonable human being could ask for. Example:

“As we all surmised, everyone including Saddam’s generals believed he had chemical and biological weapons; and close reading of the report indicates that he thought his threat to use them DETERRED BUSH I from taking Baghdad. Thus he wanted to maintain the illusion of having those weapons, both in laboratory and in deployable stockpiles. Each general thought some other general had them.

Given his success in deceiving his own people, is it any wonder that he was able to deceive Bush II, Blair, the French, the Germans, and probably even Mossad although some say the Israelis knew he didn’t have any — but if that is the case they didn’t tell us that. Just about everyone thought he had chemical and biological weapons…”

(And “…just about everyone” includes a universal set of members of the Senate intelligence committee… Let’s see, can anyone recall sKerry and Kid Edwards saying that they believed Saddam had WMD? I thought so. The set of those who can recall the Senator from Taxachussetts and Senator Gone saying exactly that is virtually universal, excepting only those who are too stupid to be allowed to vote under any reasonable system.)

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