Funniest site I’ve seen in a looooong time

Any of y’all who’ve owned a (older) Jag or other Brit car that used Lucas electric parts will LOL at this site. I did. Over and over and…


Back in the 70’s, Lucas decided to diversify its product line and began manufacturing vacuum cleaners. It was the only product they offered which did not suck.

Q: Why do the British drink warm beer? A: Because Lucas makes their refrigerators

Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb. Joseph Lucas invented the Short Circuit.

My mind blanks on the number of times I disassembled and completely rebuilt, using off-the-shelf electrical parts, the Lucas electrical components on a ’72 XJ12 as they failed one by two by three by… *heh* (Well, Jags are Fords now. Strangely, that’s an improvement in many ways.. But I’m still not buying another one.)

UPDATE (already): for those who’ve been driven batsh*t by their Haynes manual (yeh, I’m a serial masochist: I have a collection of the things) this is a must-read. A collection of LOL hilarious, “I only laugh cos it hurts so much,” info on the (in)famous series of car manuals.


HAMMER: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer is nowadays used as a kind of divining rod to locate expensive parts not far from the object we are trying to hit.

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