Grizzlies? Not Even That

Give a skunk a poodle cut and a dye job and it’s still a skunk.

And that’s what “Fifi” Bush, Felipe Calderon’s lapdog (a gift from Vicente Fox) and his partners in crime still trying to keep their amnesty bill alive really are.

Take action. Call your senators. If they have already come out in opposition to the bill, call in support. If they have not yet done so, encourage them to shoot it down. If they have supported the bill, call and politely, firmly, assertively voice your opposition and state that if they continue to support this bill, you will devote every election cycle for the rest of your life to see that they never hold public office again.

And mean it.


BTW, someone mentioned to me privately that the graphic above was disrespectful to President Bush (Felipe Calderon’s lapdog–a strange lapdog, but then, Felipe Calderon and his government spout so much B.S. about illegal aliens, it’s even fitting there, IMO). That person is right. It IS disrespectful toward President Bush. But not nearly as disrespectful as he has repeatedly proven himself to be by blatantly lying about this bill, about those who oppose it and about his agenda in supporting surrendering our sovereignty to Mexico.

Disrespectful? Disrespect is the least he deserves for deliberately sabotaging the enforcement of laws already on the books to protect U.S. sovereignty. The last I knew, his DUTY, as President, was to

“…take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” (Constitution, Article 2, section 3)

And the president, any president, who deliberately, wilfully and habitually fails to uphold the laws–indeed, takes steps to undermine their faithful execution–of the U.S. should be impeached, tried and convicted of malfeasance and removed from office.

But perhaps I am a tad extreme. I felt Clintoon should have been removed for lying under oath (and still every time I read recently of Willian Jefferson being indicted, my mind’s ear automatically wants to hear “William Jefferson CLINTON”). Now, in pledging to fulfill his duties as president, Fifi Bush has done so as well. Lied under oath… while giving his oath to faithfully execute the duties of his office.

Oh, well. I have long said that if the laws we have were enforced; if illegal aliens were refused government services (as they routinely are–by law!–in Mexico), etc., that we would see a migration OUT of this country by illegal aliens. Quickly.

Jerry Pournelle proposes something similar, and still generously notes a way he would allow illegal aliens to qualify for citizenship, a route I would actually endorse.

“…as I have often said, the proper way to deal with illegal immigrants, is (1) close the border, (2) pay a bonus to any who will voluntarily leave — say $4,000 or so, which is significant to them but still a savings to both nation and state; (3) instruct the police that any who come their attention as misfeasors of any serious degree be turned over to the authorities for detention and deportation and make that stick, (4) offer citizenship to any who spend 8 years in the armed services ending in honorable discharge, and (5) wait to see what happens then. I have no idea whether you would call that compassionate. It seems very reasonable to me.”

I’m not entirely happy with the idea of rewarding illegals with a bounty to “catch” and deport themselves, but even that I could live with, rather than accept the lies, damned lies and political promises of Fifi Bush’s amnesty bill. But because Pournelle’s suggestions make sense and actually would make strides to strengthen America, they will of course not be welcome by such as Fifi Bush and his partners in crime.

Shame on them all. Fifi Bush amd his co-conspirators in the surrender of U.S. soveriegnty are skunks, one and all, and in any society with more than two ounces of moral fiber would one and all be introduced to Dr. Tarr and Mr. Fether and taken on a long walk off a short pier.

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22 Replies to “Grizzlies? Not Even That”

  1. Without taking a position one way or the other, is there no more intractable issue than this one? I don’t see this ending well no matter what measures are taken.

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  4. Thomas,

    “Intractable”? In what way do you mean that? If you mean, “Politicians and special interests will refuse to recognize what the polls say Americans want, border enforcement BEFORE any sort of accomodation of illegals is even considered (nearly 80% in the most recent Rassmussen polls), and insist on pushing through an amnesty program that will only exacerbate the problems we now face,” then I agree: the political elites are stubbornly insisting that THEY dictate their wills to the People.

    If you believe that the problem of illegal aliens, between 80% and 90% ACTIVELY aided by a foreign government (Mexico) in their violation of U.S. sovereignty, is an intractable problem, then you are looking at the wrong problem as being intractable. We already have adequate laws to deal with the issue (I could wish for tougher laws, harsher penalties, for those who hire or otherwise aid and abet the criminal acts of illegal aliens), but those laws are not being vigorously enforced by this administration. In fact, this administration has done everything it can to hamstring LEOs in enforcing the laws, subverted justice to quench any active enforcement, allowed only TOKEN enforcement, at best (a recent “sweep” of a local business in america’s Third World County came only after months and months of warnings and a clear warning in advance of the “sweep”–and still over 100 illegals were gathered in, despite the fact that many (MANY) stayed out because they knew ICE was coming THAT DAY).

    THE intractable problem is that political elites, and the special interests they cater to, want to erase America’s borders and will not let any truth or justice or even the slightest care for the future sway them from their course.

    For the good of whatever of the Republic is left, Fifi needs to face impeachment for his malfeasance in office on this alone.

    But he will not, because it is an issue on which he and his true colleagues (the Demoncrappic politicians *spit*) are in total agreement: surrender of our borders is paramount.

    There is only one way in which this can end well. I am taken back to an old Carlyle Marney sermon about Elijah and his experience that most translations say was his hearing of a “still, small voice” but which Marney asserts was “stone silence”. Elijah had cried out to God, because the situation in Israel was hopeless under a cruel and caprisous ruler and the fecklessness of the people. Marney says what Elijah in his despair heard was not a still, small voice, but stone silence. Then the Lord spoke to him and… told him to carry on and do what he had already been told to do.

    And that is the only course that will bring about a good end here: not moving the goalposts, changing the yardline measurements and throwing out the rule book but vigorously, fairly (which means UNIFORMLY) enforcing the laws already on the books. The LAWS, not some bureaucratic interpretation that waters down, enfeebles and in many cases completely anulls them. Enforce the laws, do the dog work of actually throwing the bums out (Eisenhower’s border enforcement policy proved that vigorous enforcement caused more than 10 times the number caught and deported to voluntarily deport themselves), painfully punish the empolyers who flout the laws and offer an expidited path to entry and citizenship for those who are now waiting in line legally.

    None of this would require new laws. And all of it is completely do-able… absent willfull obstruction from malefactors in office, and the bureaucrats who serve them.

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