Will There Always Be an America?

As I listen to the B.S. being propogated by the political elite about amnesty and witness their complete disregard for defending our borders, I realize that I may outlive the U.S.A… IF too few citizens fail to phone, fax and buttonhole their congresscritters, fail to start–for many for the first time in their lives–voting responsibly, instead oif for their own short-sighted good for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s good, then yes, I may very well outlive this country.

And that would be a sad event: witnessing the final dissolution of this republican experiment in limited representative government, for it would indicate that the representattion we the people have chosen are indeed what we the people deserve and are truly representative of us.

Gripe and complain about elite politicians ignoring “the wishes of the people” all you want, but if you have once voted your pocketbook, voted your greed, voted for the congresscritter who brought home the bacon, instead of voting for posterity, then you are as guilty of ignoring the wishes of people yet unborn to be free and to enjoy the liberties you take for granted.

Meanwhile, at the very least, take a CLICK on over to NumbersUSA and start sending those faxes and making those phone calls.

The unborn will bless you.

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